Our Clinic - drug & alcohol addiction

Men's Clinic  in London is a private therapy practice, founded in 2014 by Susie Ambrose an experienced psychotherapist. Our therapists tailor treatments to meet the specific needs of adult, and adolescent men. Our mission is to help our clients reach their full potential - to thrive. 

We offer day and evening sessions, as well as phone and video sessions. 

Men’s Clinic is led by a team of experts with experience of working with highly successful men. 

The clinic is composed of a group of professionally trained, licensed Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Life Coaches who offer a full range of therapeutic & coaching services. Between them, our Practitioners have expertise in the complete range of holistic techniques and consulting.

Strongly valuing discretion, privacy and confidentiality and always working in a respectful, non-judgmental and supportive setting, our experts offer one of the best therapeutic & coaching services in Europe.

To book a consultation or to speak with one of our experts, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7753 7634 or email clinic@mens-clinic.co.uk

Combat drug & alcohol addiction, and gambling now!